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Car Parking Tariff

The Committee on Transport, Traffic and Parking has conducted a review of existing parking tariff, the first of such review since 1999. In order to encourage the use of public transport, the following changes to the tariff will apply from 1 September 2017.

a. An across-the-board 35% increase of annual or monthly parking fee will apply to different kinds of parking facilities, and to other associated administrative charges, viz. reservation of car parking space, VIP parking E-coupons, etc.;

b. Motorcycle parking will be subject to annual or hourly parking charges;

c. Evening parking arrangements for part-time students and alumni will be suspended, but the latter will be offered a 30% discount of hourly parking fee if they settle the parking fee by Bank of East Asia HKU Graduate credit card; and

d. The hourly parking rate for all car parks under the management of Wilson Parking will be unified.

Further staged measures will be introduced in succeeding years.

Any additional revenue generated from the increase will fund further traffic calming measures. Should there be any queries please email to