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Ditch Disposable

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Ditch Disposable is a campus-wide campaign led by the University of Hong Kong Sustainability Office that aims to reduce plastic waste by targeting disposable plastics across campus. 


The Plastic Problem

Disposable plastic is cheap, convenient and used every day, yet the majority of it ends up in landfills or the natural environment, releasing toxins, and harming wildlife and eventually us. Globally we produce more than 300 million tons of plastic a year, half of which is intended for single-use.

We could be eating plastics on a daily basis. Despite a negligible impact on human health at current intake levels, researchers suggest that as global plastic waste continues growing, our ingestion level will increase. They also warn us about the health risks associated with microplastics, which are hard to detect and currently understudied. These small particles (≤1.5 µm) could penetrate capillaries and enter human organs.

Plastics also cause harm to wildlife through ingestion, entanglement and toxicological influence. Wildlife may mistakenly ingest plastic debris as they feed, or ingest them through the food chain.

Photos of plastics



Campaign Timeline

July 1, 2017
Policy On Disposable Plastic Bottles Comes Into Effect

The policy on disposable plastic bottles ended the sale and distribution of disposable plastic water bottles of 1 litre or less on campus. To support the policy, the University installed new state of the art water dispensers across campus, bringing the total number of dispensers to over 90.


September 2, 2018
Policy On Disposable Plastic Straws Comes Into Effect

From 3 September 2018, HKU banned single use plastic straws from being distributed in centrally managed catering outlets, except in emergencies or medical circumstances.


September 2020
Disposable Plastic Free Campus Policy

From September 2020, ten different types of disposable single-use plastics will no longer be allowed to be sold or distributed across the University of Hong Kong's campuses or events.


2020 Disposable Plastic Free Campus



Items banned and items not covered under the policy:

Items banned and items not covered under the policy

Useful Materials

1. Reusable Straws Comparison


2. Green Event Guidebook

The University of Hong Kong has pledged to support the Green Event Guidebook published by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD). HKU event organisers are advised to follow these guidelines when organising events.


3. Green Offices Checklist

Download our interactive Green Offices Checklist to see how sustainable your office is and find tips on how to ditch disposable in your department!


4. Rent or Buy Reusable Alternatives 

Vendor Reusable alternatives
Live Zero Sells reusable bags and all types reusable food service ware.
Edgar Sells reusable bags and all types of reusable food service ware.
HKU Visitor Centre Sells tote bags and some types of reusable food service ware.

Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant

Sells reusable straws and containers.

Green Spark Bulk ordering of reusable cloth bags and food service ware.
Chong Yuet Ming Canteen &
Fong Shu Chuen Canteen
Rents sets of pitchers and either glass or reusable plastic cups.
WeUSE Rental service for reusable tableware. They offer a 10% discount! Just fill in 'HKU' in remarks column.



5. Plastics Alternatives


 Plastics alternatives


1. Use fountain beverage machines and reusable cups.
2. For events, use pitchers or containers larger than one litre, provide reusable cups too!
3. Use metal cans, glass bottles for single use when reusable options are not possible.
4. Use one of the over 90 free water dispensers on campus, or get free water at a participating catering outlet.


Plastics banners


1. Use social media and online methods to promote your event or programme.
2. Create a single banner with your organisation's logo that can be reused at a variety of different events.




1. Use straws that are made of materials other than disposable plastics, such as: - Metal - Glass - Bamboo - Silicone - Reusable BPA-free plastic - Edible - Paper (If disposables are really needed)




1. Reusable cups
2. Paper cups (If you really need single use)




1. Do not provide lid with cups.
2. If lid is really need - use paper lid.
3. Bring a reusable tumbler or cup with a lid for takeaway drinks.




1. Reusable stirrers
2. Non-plastic disposable stirrers




1. Reusable containers such as glass, ceramic, silicone, BPA-free plastic, stainless steel
2. If reusable is not possible - use paper boxes or wax paper




1. Use reusable metal or plastic cutlery.
2. If disposables are really needed, use wood or bamboo cutlery.
3. Dine-in and avoid takeaways.



1. Use plates made from reusable materials, such as ceramic plates.
2. If disposables are really needed, use paper plates.




1. Use cloth reusable bags
2. Remind participants and customers to bring their own reusable bags.
3. If using paper bags or boxes is a must, users must be encouraged to recycle them if they are not contaminated by food.


6. Watch the video to find out more