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  • Floor Plan

    Floor Plan

  • Medical Library Main Entrance

    Medical Library Main Entrance

  • 24-hour Study Room Exterior and Technology Zone

    24-hour Study Room Exterior and Technology Zone

  • 24-hour Study Room Interior

    24-hour Study Room Interior

  • Collaboration Room Exterior

    Collaboration Room Exterior

  • Exhibition & Relaxation Zone

    Exhibition & Relaxation Zone

The Faculty of Medicine in HKU has been known as the most intense place for student. They fight with Great Spirit for the opportunity to serve the society. Hence, this renovation exercise aims to re-organize the Yu Chun Keung Medical Library to become a place of mind cultivation which allows students to relax, reconnect and focus. The library, after renovation, will consist of Quiet Study Zone, Exhibition & Relaxation Zone, Technology Zone, Collaboration Zone and 24-Hour Study Room. More colors and bamboo features will be introduced to create a sense of nature for relaxing atmosphere.


Location: Yu Chun Keung Medical Library, the University of Hong Kong
Status: Construction completed (Phase 1 Work) Completion of detailed design (Phase 2 Work)
Estimated Cost: To be advised
Target Completion: September 2018
Lead Consultant: Leigh and Orange Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor: Beria Consultants Ltd.
Main Contractor: Tai Kong Construction (International) Ltd (Phase 1 Work)

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