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Name of BuildingLocation of Ramp entranceLocation of Taxi / Rehabus Drop off point
Main Building
  • 1/F side entrance
  • 1/F rear entrance leading to the lift
  • 3/F entrance leading to LG1 of Library Extension
1/F side entrance (East Wing)
Loke Yew Hall1/F side entrance1/F side entrance (East Wing)
KK Leung Building
  • G/F
  • LG2
LG2 car park
Knowles Building
  • UG
  • G/F
  • LG2
G/F car park
LibraryG/FNo direct stop. The nearest stop is G/F car park of Knowles Building.
Meng Wah Complex
  • G/F entrance leading to Yuet Ming Fountain
  • 1/F entrance leading to Eliot Hall
  • 3/F entrance leading to May Hall
  • M/F car park entrance
M/F car park
Rayson Huang Theatre
  • G/F of Runme Shaw Building
  • 1/F of Runme Shaw Building leading to the driveway
Rear entrance (i.e., disabled parking space outside Run Run Shaw Building)
Haking Wong Building
  • G/F entrance leading to Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building
  • 4/F entrance leading to restaurant
  • 5/F entrance leading to University Street
Chow Yei Ching BuildingG/F loading bayG/F loading bay
May HallG/F rear entranceNo direct stop. The nearest stop is Meng Wah Complex. Take the 3/F exit of Meng Wah Complex.
Eliot Hallfrom 1/F Meng Wah Complex, near lecture theatres T4 & T5No direct stop. The nearest stop is Meng Wah Complex. Take the lift to 1/F.
Swire BuildingGA/F main entranceGA/F car park
Simon KY Lee HallG/F main entranceG/F entrance
Chong Yuet Ming Physics & Chemistry Building
  • G/F main entrance
  • LG 1 entrance (leading to Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre)
LG3 lift entrance
Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre
  • G/F connecting to KK Leung Building
  • 2/F connecting to Shaw Podium
  • 2/F leading to Park’N Shop loading bay
2/F – loading bay of Park’N Shop.
East GateBonham Road (lift in the concealed area next to the driveway)Bonham Road
Graduate HouseP2 level (University Drive)P2 level (University Drive)
Hung Hing Ying BuildingEast side entrance of the building opposite to Wilson Parking‘s OfficeChung Yin Road near Wilson Parking’s Office
Tang Chi Ngong BuildingG/F main entranceGA/F car park of Swire Building
Robert Black CollegeNear the staff car parkUniversity Drive
Centennial Campus – Cheng Yu Tung Tower – Run Run Shaw Tower – The Jockey Club TowerLG & G/F main entranceLG1/F car park