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HKU Estates Office :: 1912-1979
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HKU Buildings and Developments


Year 1912-1980
Year 1980-1999
Year 2000-Now


Year 1914

Eliot Hall

Year 1915

May Hall

Year 1916

Sports Pavilion (demolished)

Year 1917

The building for the School of Anatomy and School of Physiology (demolished)

Year 1919
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Year 1923

St. Stephen's Hall for women (demolished, now redeveloped as St. John’s College)

Year 1925

Ho Tung Engineering Workshop (demolished)

Year 1928

Biology Building (demolished)

Year 1929

Old Ricci Hall (demolished)

Year 1931

Tang Chi Ngong Building

Year 1932

Fung Ping Shan Library (now Fung Ping Shan Building)

Year 1936

Eu Tong Sen Gymnasium (demolished)

Year 1937

Queen Mary Hospital

Year 1941

Northcote Science Building (demolished)

Year 1951

Lily Pond

Year 1953
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Year 1956

St. John's College

Year 1957

Felix Villas (built in 1922)

Year 1962

New Alberose

Year 1963

Lindsay Ride Sports Centre (demolished)

Year 1967

Ricci Hall

Year 1971

Redmond Building (now Yam Pak Building)

Year 1972

High West (demolished in 2021)

Year 1912-1980
Year 1980-1999
Year 2000-Now