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Declaration of Interest

When submitting a tender, a contractor is required to declare whether any member of his family and other relations and/or close friend is working in the University whereby his or her loyalty to the tenderer may conflict with the interests of the University. Tenderers bidding in the name of companies will also need to disclose the names of all directors, and, if any of the directors is a company, the names of all directors of the holding company and make such declaration.

Prevention of Bribery

A tenderer must note that the University is a public body as defined by the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201) and as such it is an offence for any employee of the University to offer or accept any bribe or favour from any actual, prospective or potential supplier.

Requirement on Anti-collusion

A tenderer shall not communicate to any person other than the University the amount of any tender, adjust the amount of any tender by arrangement with any other person, make any arrangement with any other persons about whether or not he or that other person should or should not tender or otherwise collude with any other person in any manner whatsoever in the tendering process. Any breach of or non-compliance with this sub-clause by the tenderer shall, without affecting the tenderer’s liability for such breach of rules and laws or non-compliance, invalidate his tender.

The above paragraph will not apply to the tenderer’s confidential communications with his own insurers or brokers to obtain an insurance quotation for computation of tender price and confidential communications with his sub-contractors to seek their assistance in preparing his tender submission.

The tenderer must also submit to the University a duly signed letter, as set out in the contract documents, to the effect that he understands and will abide by these conditions. The letter shall be signed by a person authorized to sign the contract on the tenderer’s behalf.

Confirmation of Directorship

The EO will periodically request that its contractors confirm the status of its directors in order to ensure that individuals are not directors of more than one contracting company at any one time. Contractors are required to advise the EO of any change to this situation.