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HKU Estates Office :: University Grants Committee
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University Grants Committee

The University is one of the eight institutions of higher education in Hong Kong funded through the University Grants Committee (UGC) which is set up to advise the Government on the facilities, development and financial needs of the Universities. The University, under the remit of the UGC, is largely supported by public funds.

In respect of campus development and capital projects, the UGC advises both the University and the Government on campus development plans and proposals that put forward by the University, with a view to supporting the academic and overall university development.


Capital Matters

The UGC has published the “Notes on Procedures” which explain and set down the major operational procedural elements of the interplay between the UGC, the Government and the University. The UGC will be kept informed and/or be consulted on land and capital matters which are likely to have funding implications for the University.

On an annual basis, the Estates Office is responsible for preparing UGC submissions for Capital Works Projects for consideration by the Senior Management, the Campus Development and Planning Committee and the Council prior to the formal submission to the UGC in September.

Chapter 5 – Capital Matters in the Notes on Procedures provides guidance on the general principles and procedures:

(a) governing capital works projects wholly or partly funded by the UGC;
(b) for handling projects funded by the UGC from the AA&I block allocation; and
(c) for conducting and completing space inventory.

Space Inventory

The University is required to follow the guidelines as set out in the Space Inventory Manual published by the UGC in compiling the space inventories. A Room Use-based Approach (namely the Kaiser Formulae) has been adopted by the UGC to assess the space and accommodation needs of the University. Guided by the Space Planning Standards, the appropriate space needs could be determined. The space inventories provide useful background information for the assessment of future capital proposals from the University, and facilitate the UGC in assessing the space provision using the Space Planning Standards.