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HKU Estates Office :: Maintenance & Operations
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Maintenance & Operations

The Maintenance and Operations Unit ensures the smooth daily operation of the University by maintaining the University’s facilities in sustainable manner. In doing so, the Unit carries out the following types of maintenance:-

  • Corrective Maintenance: Repair of facilities which have already failed, or are in a condition not fit for use;
  • Preventative Maintenance: Regular maintenance of facilities to prevent them from critical failure;
  • Cyclical Maintenance and Renovation of Buildings: Decoration and repair of both internal and external fabric of the building depends on its condition;
  • Slopes and Landscaping Maintenance: Maintenance of the surroundings of the University to eliminate the jeopardous factor to the University’s facilities and users;
  • Emergency Repair: Urgent repair of facilities to safeguard property and life.

Services Provided

The Unit serves the University members in different areas of the University by repairing and replacing the existing University facilities. Please click the links below to see the services the Maintenance and Operations Unit covers:-

Request of Maintenance Services/ Reporting Problem

For User Departments, Please click HERE to file your maintenance and repair request.

If you wish to request for supply of new facilities, building alterations, additions to existing facilities or supplying loose fittings, please lodge your requests in writing to the Director of Estates or by e-mail to Any query, please call our Mr. Pete Hon at 2816 8285.

Emergency repairs are carried out 24/7 in an emergency situation. To request emergency repair, please contact our 24-hour Emergency Team at (852) 2540 1999.