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Campus Facilities


MAIN CAMPUS: Campus development in the past decade has been dominated by the need to develop additional accommodation to meet the increased student and staffing numbers that resulted from the change from a three to a four year undergraduate curriculum, hence the expansion of the main campus westwards for the relocation of three faculties (Arts, Law and Social Sciences) to what is now called the Centennial Campus.

The University took the opportunity to bring forward plans to co-locate, re-locate and improve the accommodation of those faculties that remained on the Main Campus, Architecture, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering and Science (the Consequential Works). The second phase of the consequential exercise involves the administrative and support units. In addition, plans were brought forward to redevelop the historical Main Building and develop two inter-disciplinary research buildings and an IT Building at the University Drive under the UGC Capital Programme.

SASSOON ROAD CAMPUS: The Faculty of Medicine Building, completed in 2001, is the major teaching and research facility at the Sassoon Road Campus, for both the pre-clinical teaching and clinical research purposes. On both sides of the Sassoon Road, there are other HKU premises. The Jockey Club Building for Inter-disciplinary Research (JCBIR) was opened in 2011 for cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research groups across the University, the majority of its residents are from the Faculty of Medicine.

Recently, as part of an exchange agreement with the Government, the acquisition of a plot of land at No. 3 Sassoon Road will provide an opportunity for the University to re-shuffle the facilities along Sassoon Road and better organize the “medical” campus along both sides of Sassoon Road for the next decade. This will involve the relocation of various departments under the Faculty of Medicine at present stationed at various University buildings on both sides of the Sassoon Road, then the redevelopment of some of the buildings for the strategic development of the Sassoon Road Campus in the long run.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities are provided at Flora Ho Sports Centre, mainly indoors, at Pokfulam Road, with the University's major sports fields being located in the Stanley Ho Sports Centre at Sha Wan Drive, Sandy Bay area with provision for athletics, softball, soccer and hockey etc.

The demands on all the sports facilities have increased following the expansion of the staff and students resulting from the introduction of the 4-year curriculum. To address the problem, both short term and medium term improvement measures have been planned, including the upgrading of Pitch 4 at Stanley Ho Sports Centre for a wider range of sports and extended hours of usage, as well as additional changing facilities to serve increased number of users. More long term improvement measures are being explored to develop an overarching strategy for sports facilities.

Student Accommodation

Student residential accommodation is provided in a limited form on the Main Campus and the bulk of the accommodation is situated further south along Pokfulam Road, on Sassoon Road and Lung Wah Street.

Developments have been planned for additional student residential places at:

  • Wong Chuk Hang
  • Mui Fong Street
  • High West site


Staff Quarters

The University has some 510 units of accommodation in the Senior Staff Quarters (SSQ) located off campus at different locations.

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University Catering

University catering falls under the authority of the Catering Committee which is a sub-committee of the Committee on Student Affairs. There are over 20 outlets, dispersing at various locations of the campuses. Rationalization and enhancement of the current outsourced catering provision are being considered from time to time.

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The completion of the Centennial Campus with its connection to the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in late 2014 provides the University with the opportunity to look at a pedestrian prioritized Main Campus with a view to developing a comprehensive transport policy.

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