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HKU Estates Office :: Project Management
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Project Management

The Estates Office is responsible for the management of various types of projects for the University, including capital and major projects, alterations, additions, repairs and improvements, renovation and minor works for the campuses.

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Space Requests for Projects

A message from Accommodation Committee

From time to time, the Accommodation Committee (AC) receives requests from the Faculties, Departments, Centres, Institutes and Units of the University for the allocation of additional space to accommodate their project teams and to carry out various activities arising from the award of funded projects.

2. Space is a finite resource and at its meeting held on September 4, 2018, the AC agreed that space should be treated as such. In future, colleagues should be advised to take into account the space requirement of a project when funding applications are submitted.

3. Faculties/Departments/Units should make an initial effort to address the space needs of projects, for example, by re-organising space use and layout, space sharing among offices, flexible workspace etc.; and seeking advice from the Estates Office. If the lease of outside premises is considered a viable option, then the rental costs would have to be budgeted in the funding applications. Should all efforts still fail to address the space needs, the Faculties/Departments/Units should raise to the AC well in advance for better planning.

4. Colleagues are also advised to budget the related renovation costs in the funding applications; and advice can be sought from the Estates Office.

5. For advice on re-organising space use, layout and renovation, please contact Mr. John Sung, Assistant Director of the Estates Office (tel.: 2816 8208; email: For advice on indicative market rental and related arrangements, please contact Ms Molly Ching, Assistant Director of the Finance and Enterprises Office (tel.: 3921 2886; email:

6. I would be grateful if the Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments would bring the information in this circular to the attention of their colleagues.

October 19, 2018