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Property LOST

Report to HKU Security

Users may report your property lost within HKU premises at our Security Control Centre.

The loss report must be made IN PERSON. You will be required to fill in a Report on Property Loss On Campus Form.

Report to the Police

You may also report your loss to the Police, in case your lost property has been taken to the police station. Please use the on-line report forms below:

  1. On-line report form
  2. On-line report form for foreigners

Property FOUND

Everyone is responsible to report property found within HKU to our Security or to the Police. Please bring the found property IN PERSON at our Security Control Centre.

Property CLAIM

If you are not sure whether your lost property is taken to the HKU Security, you are welcomed to call 3917 2883 or 3917 8185.

If you wish to claim your property from our list, you must provide sufficient information to our staff to prove the claim is bona fide. Found properties being unclaimed for three months will be disposed of at the discretion of the University.

Claimer will be required to fill in relevant claim form.