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SSQ Management

The University has 511 units of accommodation under the Senior Staff Quarters (SSQ) at different locations.

While the leasing and allocation of SSQ are managed by the Finance and Enterprises Office (FEO), the Estates Office (EO) is responsible for property management, repair & maintenance and renovation works for the SSQ.

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Sassoon Road Campus

The Senior Staff Quarters are located off campus.

I. 132-142 Pokfulam Road


II. 23-25 Sha Wan Drive and 350 Victoria Road



III. 61 Mount Davis Road


Facility Management

The University has appointed Urban Property Management Ltd (Urban) to provide facility management services for the SSQ, under the supervision of Housing Management Unit (HMU) of the Estates Office.

The day-to-day services provided by Urban cover the operations of the common facilities on:

  • Security and carparking (including Parking Label);
  • Cleaning and pest control;
  • Landscaping to slopes and garden areas;
  • Building repairs and maintenance; and
  • Attendance on emergency cases.



Urban Property Management Ltd (one-stop shop service):

SSQ Allocation

A staff member who is entitled to senior staff quarters will be allocated the accommodation by the Finance and Enterprises Office (FEO) who will send a letter to the staff with details on the “Allocation of Accommodation”. The Housing Management Unit of the Estates Office will arrange for the collection of keys for moving in.

Leasing of Quarters

Some vacant quarters are released by the University for leasing through property agents.

Link to leasing information:

Housing Management Unit

The Estates Office has a dedicated team under the Housing Management Unit (HMU) overseeing all Senior Staff Quarters (SSQ) matters. Apart from supervising the operations of Urban Property Management Ltd, the HMU is also responsible for:

  • HKU staff occupation and moving matters
  • Planned maintenance of buildings and facilities
  • Renovation works of SSQ vacant units



Urban Property Management Ltd (one-stop shop service):

Telephone: (852) 2818 7920 (24-hour Customer Services Hotline)
Facsimile: (852) 2819 1091
E-mail: hkussq@iurban.hk
Address: G/F, Rear Entrance Lobby, Block 3, Middleton Towers, 140 Pokfulam Road


Housing Management Unit, Estates Office

Telephone: (852) 3917 6571 / (852) 3917 6570 (office hours)
E-mail: HMU@estates.hku.hk


Finance and Enterprises Office (leasing matters only)

Telephone: (852) 2859 2423 / (852) 2859 1981 (office hours)
E-mail: hkuhousing@fo.hku.hk